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Big Changes at Diamond in the Rust

Posted on December 19 2017

At some point in our lives, we all face at least one situation in which we feel pulled in different directions. We want to be able to do it all, but we just can’t because it’s simply not humanly possible. There comes a time when you have to make a decision and often it boils down to the question, “what is of greater importance?”.
That’s what has brought us to this decision. We have decided to close our storefront. Fair warning: this is going to be long, but we feel our customers deserve more of an explanation than just, “store closing”.
There are several factors that play into it, but the major reason is we want to be able to have the flexibility to live life a little more. If you’ve ever been close to someone who has, or you yourself have had your own brick & mortar, you know that business doesn’t just take place during “store hours”. Our biggest desire is to be able to have flexibility with our schedules to do the things we have missed out on since opening the store. It was never part of my dream to hire from outside of my family as I always dreamed of having a family run business, which means that in order for the store to be open, one of us has to work it. I also never wanted to have vendors who rent out space in my store to help pay the overhead and work the store; I wanted to have a cohesive look, particular style and offer great quality products.
We are incredibly grateful for the success that you have brought us. In a time in which MANY brick & mortars are suffering, we have been blessed with customers who continue to shop with us and have allowed us to, year after year, maintain and grow a strong business. We couldn’t be more grateful; we hope you know that.
We still have several months left on our lease, but this holiday season has far exceeded previous years (THANK YOU!!!) and our inventory is getting low. We are not restocking the store at the level we have in the past and VERY likely will close prior to the end of the lease. 
VERY IMPORTANT: lots of you have been coming in for gift cards and we’ve had to turn you away. We LOVE that you want to gift your friends and family with Diamond in the Rust, but will NOT be issuing any more gift cards. Any gift cards already issued need to be used BEFORE WE CLOSE THE STOREFRONT. You will want to redeem them ASAP - we will no longer have access to the system that processes gift cards once we close. We do not have an exact date on when we will be closing, but given that inventory is getting low, I highly recommend you come in ASAP to have the best selection, and before the end of the month, to redeem gift cards. Any gift cards not redeemed before we close the storefront in Niles will be forfeited.
So, what’s the future hold for us? Many of you know that my Mom and I both have businesses outside of Diamond in the Rust. Those businesses afford us flexibility and we are going to continue with those businesses. In addition, Diamond in the Rust is not "going out of business" - it will just exist in a different capacity with pop-ups, festivals and special events. 
It’s bittersweet; this has been our “happy place” and we love our customers. This was a dream come true! We have worked incredibly hard to get to the place of having a business that is recognizable, successful by all measures, and we couldn’t have asked for a better journey! We are really excited for the future and looking forward to this change! We are thankful you support our big dreams. We have met many amazing people through the store and have grown close to lots of you; we look forward to keeping in touch after the store closes.
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